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What’s New in FIFA 2021 Game?

The FIFA franchise tends to get a lot of flak for its annual releases by those that are not fans of the sports gaming world. Yet, what these critics don’t understand is how very few of the children that dream of winning the world cup ever get to actually see it fulfilled.

To many, this dream remains a work of the imagination which games like FIFA allow us to live, and with annual releases, the gaming industry can become better and better at simulating this fantasy for us.

Not only that, they get to add new ways for us to live our sporting ambitions as well. Which is what we will see as we have a look at all the new features that came with FIFA 2021.

Reworked Volta

“Volta”, for those that might not know, is the Portuguese word for “Return”, or “Comeback”, a word that was carefully chosen to mark the franchise’s return to the street and small football leagues of older titles.

Though the game mode has been struggling to gain some traction for a while, FIFA21 comes with a completely reworked version that allows for multiplayer matches with up to three friends cooperating and facing other squads to earn those sweet, sweet FIFA coins.

This new version also comes with a series of new arena locations including São Paulo, Rome and Dubai, along a whole slew of new features that are sure to breathe some new life into this awesome game-mode.

New Career Mode

Another area of the game that was completely reworked was the main attraction of the FIFA franchise, its career mode, where you manage your favorite team, collecting the best players from the past and present and leading them into stardom.

The game mode now comes with interactive simulated matches that allow you to take a more tactical “from the top” approach to how your team behaves at a key moment to control the outcome.

There has also been a significant improvement of how the opponent AI works, you can monitor your player’s performance even more in depth, and there have also been a series of quality-of-life tweaks from the last title that just make the game that much smoother.

New Gameplay Resources

When it comes to the moment of truth in the football arena (or soccer arena, if you’re weird), you also have a lot more resources into your hands, such as the new natural coalition system that allows for smoother interaction between your athletes in key match moments.

The behavior of your players has also gained a wholes new degree of customization, as you can now decide how aggressively they position themselves, their running patterns and more sensible close-quarters controls.


At the end of the day it is up to you whether a game deserves a chance or not, but if we want to be fair in our judgement, we need to have as much information as we can get, hopefully this articles has helped in achieving this.

Now, the time has come to for your verdict, is the FIFA franchise just a scam, or does the game constantly improve with each new edition? Tell us in the comments!

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