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Wednesday, June 30, 2021 – A Mombasa-based woman who has threatened to sue President Uhuru Kenyatta over child support has maintained that she is not mad and insisted that the Head of State is the biological father of her two kids.

Commenting on social media on Tuesday, Evelyn Ikandi Evermwende said she slept with Uhuru in 2016 and sired Fadhili Jomo, and in 2018 where she gave birth to Ahadi Maria.

She maintained that she is not mad when saying this since she is only telling Kenyans the truth.

Fellow Kenyans…Niko poa. Never mind mliniita first lady mwitu/bonoko waliosema nachizi…izorait. Just to let you know I’m fine,” she wrote.

Since coming out openly, Kenyans have trolled the woman with others wondering if she was genuine or just wanted public attention.

However, according to her, efforts to meet the president have not been successful and was only left with a choice of seeking court intervention.

 “Mr. President, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta,at the coast this weekend. Please address this issue before you go back to your station in Nairobi. 

“Do you recognise that these two children, Fadhili Jomo and Ahadi Maria came into this world via you? Sir, I am really tired of being followed around by people affiliated to you. My life has been hanging,” she wrote.


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  1. if you really mean what you are saying move to children court in mombasa and the president be served with court papers if efforts to reach him for support has been futile. kindly also put their photos on social media we see whether they resemble the president

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