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Thursday, 24 June 2021 – Luo Benga Maestro, Madanji Perimeter, is mourning the untimely death of his wife Emma Achieng, who was shot dead by thugs in Donholm, Nairobi.

Emma was heading home after closing her shop when thugs accosted her near Greenspall Mall.

The thugs who were riding on a motorbike had reportedly trailed her before they struck.

She died while undergoing treatment at Mama Lucy hospital.

At the time of the tragic incident, her husband was in Kisumu.

Madanji spoke to the press concerning his wife’s shooting and said that although it could be normal robbery, he also couldn’t help but speculate that his wife could have been targeted by music rivals.

“When I heard the news, I had to take the next flight from Kisumu to Nairobi. 

“I am not sure if it was a normal robbery or target on my wife by someone who has a musical grudge against me. 

“Because I have no known enemies in my music career. But if it was a musical grudge, why target my wife?” Madanji Perimeter said.

Mandanji said he suspects foul play because his wife didn’t resist when the gun-wielding thugs approached her.

The thugs shot her at point-blank range and could have taken her bag to make it appear like a normal robbery.

According to witnesses, the gang had trailed Madanji’s wife before striking.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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