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The Shining Future of The Gaming World in 2021

Nothing is ever predictable. Gaming could be the most fitting element for that statement. Throughout the year, gaming development has advanced itself to another whole new level that even the elder generation could no longer keep up with its innovation. Gaming device such as PC, Consoles, smartphones, AR and VR has collided into one another to create a fantastic content that every streamer or YouTuber gaming could ever dream of. That device also provide to earn some money by playing judi bola. The gaming world around those gaming devices will likely thrive to evolve even further. As such, it is up to our responsibility to watch how the future may unfold for the fate of the gaming industry.

However, one question stands out to this day which is what will become the future of the gaming world? We can assess the history of our gaming world up until the present day. Back then, you can only play games that generate bitmap graphics which is worse than it could achieve in the present day. Nowadays, the graphics of most of the game will come close to its counterpart in the real world. Games that fit such graphics is like, The Last of Us, and many blockbuster franchise games. In addition to the graphic, most of the game can have a spectacular AI that imitates those of the human movement. It truly is mesmerizing to see how far the gaming development has gotten. Perhaps, in a distant 5 or 10 years ahead, we will see splendid improvements involving all aspects of the gaming world. To have a better look at the future, read the following prophecy of the gaming world that will happen in the future.

  1. Streaming

One of the most fascinating ways of experiencing the joy of playing games is by playing them through Streaming service. Twitch has become the most prevalent streaming service for people enjoy lots of things such as simply having fun, kicking off their career as a streamer, and making a fortune from it. Soon, it is unlikely that streaming will stop its developments as it has many users and people are eager to see if it can surpass consoles or PC developments. Fortunately, streaming is definitely to exist and continue to develop as it gives no difficulties for players to play any games they want as long as the internet will improve itself too. Who knows? Perhaps 5 or 10 years later, we can play any games we want from a streaming service even if the game is an exclusive game from PS5.

  1. AR and VR

Gaming development has also made its significant improvement in AR and VR. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality allow us to fully immerse the depth of being inside the game. We can directly feel the tension and experience to play the game by ourselves. Shortly, it is expected that we get to feel other senses of the real world like, tasting things, feeling things, and many more that imitates our human attributes. For instance, if today we can only play hack and slash game from our chair, we may be able to slash the enemies ourselves and doing combos that we can think of at will without having to press a button. The future is limitless for the development of AR and VR.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence plays a crucial part in making a game feel alive and closer to the condition of the real world. In gaming development, AI has long been processed and improved by many programmers and designers so that it can create the utmost comfortable feeling as players dive into the game they play. A good AI is the AI that can make people believe that it is logical and fit common sense. For an exquisite role model, The Last of Us (2013) can be your primary choice. The AI in the game renders you unable to move, as it is so shockingly amazing to see all NPC ( Non Player Character) have their own traits and unique movements that no other games can do it. Therefore, in the far future, we can expect a closer achievement in mimicking a more complex movement of a human to collide with AI that can be programmed to the characters in the game and the NPC.

  1. Mobile

Mobile games have also taken participation to increase the bright future of gaming development. The advancement of smartphones allows mobile games to similarly improve themselves with the latest innovation in graphic cards in smartphones. As a result, we can now have a taste of the Call of Duty game that is originally coming from the consoles game. Even though the input is not quite the same, at the very least, we get to try some of the features that are quite identical to its console’s counterpart such as drones, weapons attachments, ranking, and upgrades. Without a doubt, mobile might be able to grow even more and able to play even more games from PC or consoles in a not-so-distant future. All we can do is simply support the game developer in making a good game by giving positive feedback to them.

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