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Friday, June 11, 2021 – The kids that deceased rugby coach Benjamin Ayimba sired with former Tahidi High actress, Nyaboke Moraa, were denied a chance to bury their father by Ayimba’s sisters.

According to former Auntie Boss actress Sandra Dacha, who was among the mourners, Ayimba’s sons were not allowed to go to the graveside when he was being buried.

They visited the grave after he was buried and when Ayimba’s sister saw them, she went mad.

“Benjie Otieno junior kept telling me “I want to go see my daddy” 

“I want to go see my daddy” so I decided why not because they had already buried him and they never wanted us by the graveside because of their own ressons. 

“Mimi huyooo na kiherehere nishachukua watoto nawapeleka kwenye kaburi la Baba yao.

“Wacha sister in law Irene aone watoto wenye she’s been busy calling bastards and street urchins (chokora) hmmmmmm!!!” Dacha wrote.

Irene has been mistreating Ayimba’s sons, calling them chokoraas( street urchins).

Dacha said that there some people who took videos of Ayimba’s sister causing unnecessary drama at the burial and the dramatic videos will be shared online in due course.

“I cannot even type what happened maybe you’ll see videos from the paparazzis. 

“You mean Irene you are causing drama in Infront of these kids just because you don’t want them to have closure with their dad? 

“May God forgive you,’’ Sandra wrote.


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