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Friday, June 25, 2021 – Deputy President William Ruto broke down in tears yet again as he narrated President Uhuru Kenyatta’s betrayal during the interview yesterday.

It all began when the interviewer asked him to quit Jubilee Party altogether and join his UDA party which he declared is his party of choice in the 2022 presidential elections.

“Why then don’t you just walk out of Jubilee altogether instead of holding on to a party whose vision you no longer shares,” asked the interviewer.

Ruto reflected on this for a while, before delving gently into the issue in a nostalgic tone.

He spoke about how he, and the president, came together, with a noble dream of bringing the country together through a nationalistic party such as a Jubilee.

But midway through his explanation, his voice appeared to break, whereby he had to pause, and take time to compose himself, before managing to proceed.

Ruto is a man who wears his heart on a sleeve, and this has been clear to many Kenyans ever since he broke down crying at the dais of Faith Evangelistic Ministries, back in 2013.

This forced his wife, Rachel Ruto, to walk up to him and calm him down, consoling him. Yesterday was just another episode of his emotional breakdown.



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