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Wednesday, 09 June 2021 – Ever since Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai announced that she is single after breaking up with Ben Pol, men from all walks of life have been flocking to her DM, hoping to woo her.

Last month, the beautiful heiress revealed that her DM looks like a contest and put it clear that she is not looking for a partner.

She further revealed that some men were even asking her for a hand in marriage.

 “If you go through my DM, you would think I had a contest for looking for a partner. Reality is, I am not looking for someone,” she said.

Notorious playboy, Wazir Chacha, who shot to fame after he was linked to secret love affairs with several female politicians among them, Sabina Chege, is among men who are eyeing Anerlisa.

Wazir Chacha camped on Anerlisa’s comment section on Instagram, hoping that she will notice him.

Wazir Chacha asked how she can reach Anerlisa and claimed that he wants to invest in her Nero company- a language used by typical playboys and conmen.

“Super adorable but how do I reach you? Agenda: Investment to Nero,”, he wrote.

Wazir Chacha, just like Omar Lali, the man who was dating Anerlisa’s late sister Tecra, is alleged to use charms to lure women.

It remains to be seen whether Chacha will succeed in his mission.

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