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Wednesday, 23 June 2021 – Marini Naturals CEO and brand influencer, Michelle Ntalami, has officially turned 37 years old.

She has been receiving heartfelt messages from her fans and friends as she celebrates the special day.

Her rumored Indian girlfriend, Niyati Patel, has taken to social media and dedicated a romantic birthday message to her.

Niyati spared no emotions while writing the heartfelt message to Ntalami, whom she described as her lifetime soul mate.

Below is how the long birthday message that was filled with emotions reads.

ITS MY BEST FRIEND’S FREAKING BIRTHDAY .Sometimes this day usually takes me by surprise because HELLOOOOO why hasn’t the world not stopped revolving? Can we all just pause and celebrate this beautiful queen @michelle.ntalami, she was born today, like damn! 

My darling @michelle.ntalami, I don’t think I can ever capture who you are to me in words, I wish I could put my feelings down here so that instead of people reading they feel what I feel.

You will forever own a piece of my heart in every phase of my life. Look at us, literally grown older and wiser (questionable 🤣) together, frankly there is no one else I would rather do life with than you.

 You held my hand 10 years ago, and you NEVER let go. My goodness even through the toughest periods of our lives, you held on because you knew that I would not be me without you.

 Mehn you have taught me to breath even when the situation is dire and there is definitely need to panic. Also what’s wrong with you? And these are the moments we come out scotch free 😂.

 Oh the laughter, the number of stitches I have gotten with you around is countless. I am even wondering how I have not passed out due to breathlessness. There is always a reason to crack up with you, CONGRATS 👍🏼, will forever more be my go to moment. 😂

 One thing that amazes me is your unconditional form of giving, anytime I have needed something, you never hesitate to go out of your way to give it to me. Honestly this quality in you makes the world a better place. 

 Everywhere you go, you light up everyone’s day. You sure are a sight for sour eyes. You are thoughtful, compassionate, and your vibes are nothing but pure happiness 😃.

This photo of ours is symbolic for me because we always tell each us ‘it’s you and I against the world’, against the problems, against anything negative coming our way. We keep going forwards baby, everything else will be left behind.

 Happy freaking Birthday my favorite girl, my soulmate. I love you to the moon and beyond, our friendship is for Infinity and we will always be high fiving each other from the grave forever more.

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