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Two armed gangsters were shot dead by Police last night after they attacked a woman and robbed her off her mobile phone and other valuables. 

The thugs who were armed with a pistol, had accosted the woman who had just been dropped off by a taxi along Muhoho road, in Langata.

A scuffle ensued as the thugs attacked her, prompting the woman to scream out for help. 

This attracted the attention of Police Officers on patrol, who rushed towards the scene. However, on noticing the fast approaching officers, the thugs took to their heels towards Nairobi West, as they fired at the officers.

The speed of the two miscreants was however no match to that of the lanky young officers, whose endurance and tact in covering long distance races came in handy. 

After three kilometers from the scene of the robbery, the thugs were finally cornered.

One of the thugs opened fire missing the officer leading the chase by a whisker. This prompted a fierce response from the officers who fired back and fatally injured the thugs. 

A Blow P99A loaded pistol, with 5 rounds of 5.56 mm calibre, was recovered from the criminals.

The scene was documented by DCI crime scene experts and the bodies of the criminals moved to City mortuary pending identification.

Here’s the pistol that was recovered from the thugs.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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