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Wednesday, June 9,2021 – Renowned political analyst, Mutahi Ngunyi, has attacked former Chief Justice, Dr. Willy Mutunga for attacking President Uhuru Kenyatta.

On Tuesday, Mutunga, in a letter, accused the President of violating the constitution when he left out six judges while elevating 34 judges to different courts in the Judiciary.

Mutunga said the president acted in bad faith since he did not present to the Judicial Service Commission(JSC) his alleged misgivings about the six judges before they were cleared.

But in response, Ngunyi, who is currently a Jubilee Party apologist, used unkind words to describe Mutunga.

He said Mutunga has reached “intellectual menopause and the grey matter has dried up’

He also termed Mutunga’s letter as a ‘menopausal rage’ and urged the former CJ to let the President do his work.

“Willy Mutunga has reached INTELLECTUAL MENOPAUSE. His intellectual EGGS have dried up. And this is WHY: If there are INVESTIGATIONS to be completed on the “Six Judges”, shouldn’t Uhuru DO HIS WORK? Afterward, he will either APPOINT or CHARGE them. 

“Why the Menopausal RAGE?,” Mutahi wrote on his Twitter page on Wednesday.


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  1. Frog!

    You are the most useless clown on the face of Kenya on a dished professor title that hold no merit but mungiki syndromes.

    Your mungiki vampire fraudster has been rejected by GOD as king nebuchadnezzar. His abyss regime has all mungikis and zombies running the country to the dogs and loitering all over the world a Lucifer his adviser does. What a waste of space!

    The former CJ is right and you natural zombie can kiss a transformer and it will reboot your satanic operating system.

    • what do you mean when you call the adviser of the president a lucifer ?never call mutahi ngunyi profession as a dished one ,furthermore maybe your father didn’t reach that far. let the president do his work ,it is not a must to appoint those judges, so mind before you right something to the public. Blithering idiot !

  2. This jubillee apologist, Mutahi Ngunyi calling others names, is it likely that a guy like him is still normal? His conduct since the rains started beating jubilee party raises a number of questions. is he suffering from intellectual menopause? Jubilee party should have realized by now and the sooner the get rid off him the better for the party.

  3. Why should Uhuru promote a thief or a suspected thief just because somebodyelse is saying so? let those Judges resign. we know they were holding brief for goldenberg suspects.

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