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Wednesday, June 9, 2021 – A Muslim lobby group, Kenya National Muslims Advisory Council (KENMAC), has demanded that the six judges who failed in the recent Judicial Service Commission (JSC) appointments by President Uhuru Kenyatta be sacked with immediate effect to the utter surprise of many.

Addressing the press in Mombasa yesterday, KENMAC Chairperson Sheikh Juma Ngao proposed that the judges should not continue serving Kenyans with integrity questions being levelled against them.

“If the president failed to appoint them because they have integrity issues hanging around their necks, then they should be sacked, removed from office and new judges appointed,” said Ngao.

At the same time, Ngao called on politicians and a section of lawyers to stop rebuking Uhuru for his decision as he was working under intelligence advice.

“The president failed to appoint them with reasons, those who were not appointed have been said to have integrity questions, so the president has the right to follow legal and intelligence advice,” he stated.

Uhuru has since defended his decision to selectively appoint 34 judges while rejecting six others despite the JSC having nominated them.


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  1. some comments requires experts or consultation before making kenmac aware of the constitution in regard of appointment of judges?. the vetting is done by jsc and the approved names forwarded to the president are final and he has no other option but to swear the judges as per the list,
    what he did is unconstitutional and has never happened before in kenya.

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