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Friday, 04 June 2021 – Esther Musila’s daughter, Gilda Naibei, runs a YouTube channel where she discusses matters to do with relationships, and recently, she hosted her mother and her youthful husband, Guardian Angel, for an interview.

When Gilda asked her mother what she likes most about Guardian, she said that Guardian is a best friend besides being a husband, and they are so free with each other to an extent that she can fart on his face.

“He is my favorite, he is my best friend. I can do anything in front of him. I can fart in front of his face and we laugh about it. He is special to me,” she said.

Esther further told her daughter that when she first met Guardian Angel, she never knew that they would fall in love.

However, she started feeling attracted to him when he gave her a warm hug during one of his video shoots.

“The first meetings were not about relationships. But, for me, I think that first warm hug he gave me when I came here to shoot one of his videos was sinister. 

“That’s when things started cooking in my head,” she added.

Guardian also had a chance to speak concerning his affair with Esther.

When Gilda asked him what he likes most about her mother, he poured his heart out saying, “This woman here is a favorite thing, the best thing that happened to me.”

Here’s a video of the interview.


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