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Wednesday, June 2, 2021 – There was drama yesterday during the Madaraka Day celebrations in Kisumu when President Uhuru Kenyatta differed in principle with his Deputy, William Ruto, before the whole world that was watching the event live from Jomo Kenyatta International Stadium.

This is after Uhuru blasted the Judiciary, accusing it of overturning the will of the people when it rendered Raila Odinga’s BBI null and void.

In fact, Uhuru fell short of saying the Judiciary has abused its powers and independence given to it in the Constitution first by nullifying his 2017 victory and stopping the BBI which was people’s driven.

“Our Constitution is not a yoke around our necks, rather it is a mighty sword that can break the chains that limit us.”

“The moral foundations of justice demand that the Judiciary bears the burden of choice and the consequences thereof,” he said.

He noted that just like any other arm, the Judiciary is bound to advance the interest of the country and help stabilize politics and not always going against the country.

But Deputy President William Rut, who spoke before his boss took to the stand, differed with Uhuru, calling for respect for government institutions, including the Judiciary, to safeguard democracy.

“It is important that we have a robust Legislature, performing Executive and independent Judiciary so that we can all celebrate the fruits of the rule of law, not rule of men,” Ruto said.

“It will be an act of great betrayal if we allow ethnic bigotry and personality cult to destroy the Constitution,” added Ruto.


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