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My name is Auma. I am about to blow your minding with a mind-boggling story of how my mother was healed of AIDS, two years ago and bounced back to her health a few weeks later.

My mum had gotten married to my dad in her early 20s and she was really young and in love to even know the kind of man my dad was. Three years into her marriage, she was going through hell since my dad would physically and verbally abuse her and since she had no job and was totally dependent on my father, she decided to tolerate all the misfortunes she was going through.

We grew up witnessing our father beat our mother and even treat her in very dehumanizing ways. However, the mistreatment was just the tip of the iceberg since my father, who was a promiscuous man, knowingly infected her with HIV. He knew he had the virus, and yet he had unprotected sex with my mother and even took ARV medicines without letting her know. That’s how evil my dad was.

“My children, I just got tested positive for HIV and the doctors said I had less than one year to live,” I remember my mother tearfully telling us what the doctor had told her. My siblings and I cried with her and we all cursed our father for being so mean to our mother.

When my dad came home that evening, we confronted him for taking advantage of our mum and even infecting her with the disease.

“How could you?! How could you infect our mother with AIDS and without even telling her that you are positive?” my three siblings and I confronted our father. He did not even seem to care. He just ignored us and went to sleep. I remember how we all cried that night. My mother was so bitter.

The next morning, she packed all our bags and we left to rent out a single room due to the anger. Two weeks later, her health started deteriorating and she was always having a diarrhea and she remarkably lost weight and her skin started turning black.

My siblings and I called some of our relatives with whom we rushed her to the hospital. On arrival to the hospital, the doctors ran some tests and said she was dying since the stress she had been undergoing had made easy for the virus to eat her body.

We were so shocked. We called our dad to tell him of my mum’s condition and he said he did not care anymore. We cried in the hospital. It was just one of the lowest moments of my life.

My aunt came to visit her in the hospital and after seeing her pitiable condition, she was so saddened. She then said she knew someone who would help us.

“His name is Doctor Mugwenu and he uses a combination of spells and traditional herbs to heal HIV,” my aunt said. We immediately called him since we needed a quick way to get my mum healed before she succumbed to the illness.

On calling him, the Doctor said that he could indeed heal my mother of the HIV that was quickly killing her. We quickly hopped her into a van and we quickly rushed him in his workplace in Kakamega town. He has workstations in various places in the country. He gave my mother a concoction of herbs to drink and also performed a chase-the-disease spell which marvelously worked in an instant.

We took my mum home that day, and we started noticing she was talking, laughing and her skin was regaining its original colour. In three days’ time, believe it or not, my mum was walking and even she, herself could not believe she was getting strong again.

In two weeks, she went back to the hospital and she tested negative. I remember how we all jumped in joy that day. The doctors were also left in shock. We cried as called Doctor Mugwenu to thank him for saving our mum’s life.

For our father, he died a few months later and my mum decided to forgive him. I am forever grateful to Doctor Mugwenu.

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