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Sunday, May 2, 2021 – Ever wondered by most of the suspects who are linked with wash wash business (fake money) and gold scamming come from the Luo Community?

Well, here are some insights from blogger Robert Alai.

Wash Wash (fake money) is mostly a Luo criminal affair. 

Fake gold is mostly a Luo criminal affair. 

Top criminals in these two crimes are mostly Luos with few Luhya, Kisii, and Kalenjin foot soldiers. 

Kikuyus and other tribes don’t have the patience, and skills to execute the wash-wash (fake money) and fake gold crimes. These crimes need lots of research, patience and meticulous execution. Seems like the Luos are good in this field. 

Omiyo we must be careful because those who lose money in the wash-wash and fake gold crimes always can’t get recourse because they also can’t explain their source of wealth or for the foreigners, how they got into the country with the huge amount of money without declaring it to customs. 

So after stealing from those desperate to buy gold or multiply their money, they share the proceeds with the investigators, prosecutors and judges. 

Victims remain bitter and without recourse. Seems like victims of the fraudulent schemes (called Pemo in Luo) are hiring hit men to finish the criminals. 

This might get dirty and many more lives might be lost. 

In the last one year alone, I know 3 victims of the schemes. They have lost close to Ksh 300 million ($3 million) to the fraudsters. 

Watch out. Pap diny! Pap onge yuak! Pap chamo joge!


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