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Monday, May 17, 2021 – Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President, Nelson Havi, has claimed that President Uhuru Kenyatta will suffer a major blow if any Kenyan sues him in Court.

During last week’s High Court ruling that declared the Building Bridge Initiative (BBI) as null and void, the five-judge bench gave Kenyans authority to sue the president, whom they accused of failing the integrity test.

Havi, who was having an interview with Spice FM, said Uhuru will be in more trouble if someone moves to court and sues him for failing the integrity test, as the judges pronounced.

“I say this with a lot of authority because in the last eight years that President Uhuru Kenyatta has been in office he will be surprised to note that almost 80 percent of the decisions that he has made, administrative or otherwise if challenged in court will succeed. 

“It is a big problem,” said Havi.

Havi further spoke about the decision made by the High Court declaring the BBI referendum process illegal and defended the ruling while claiming that President Uhuru was in the wrong.

While a section of the BBI promoters has trained their guns on the High Court, Havi said the five-judge bench was right by declaring the process unconstitutional.

He said that by President Uhuru assuming the State Office, he cannot start the process of changing the constitution unless he is an ordinary citizen.

“The moment you assume State Office, you seize being the people. The judgment was sound in law, the judgment is there to protect the people of Kenya and it is there to sustain good governance and democratic rule,” said Havi.


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