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Friday, May 28, 2021 – Uganda, fugitive, David Matsanga, has attacked Deputy President William Ruto after his daughter, June, married Nigerian millionaire Alexander Ezenagu.

June and Alex exchanged their vows on Thursday in a lavish wedding attended by the second in command and his Tanga Tanga lieutenants in Karen.

Speaking about the wedding, Matsanga said it is hypocritical for Ruto to talk about the ‘hustler movement’ and ‘bottom-up approach’ yet his daughter is being married by a millionaire.

“Arguably, the most vital ingredient for a true God-fearing person is honesty, being real and trustworthy, which the TangaTanga wing lacks. 

“The Hustler narrative by Ruto’s camp led by NGO funded David Ndii that they will build the economy from a bottom-up approach if the DP is elected must be wished away as a joke and laughable. 

“Why don’t you do those things now since you claim to be DP and help the president shape his legacy?

‘The reality and truth remains that DP William Ruto has never cared about the economy and want to hand them to youth graduates to push them around while their children are marrying millionaires,” Matsanga said

Matsanga, who was having an interview with K24, concluded by saying the DP is a serial liar and he is lying to hustlers that he will help them but the truth is he is fighting for his stomach only.


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