Monday, May 3, 2021 – A waitress at Club Enkare where the four criminal friends were last seen before they were abducted by unknown people has described them as very friendly and generous.

Speaking to a local daily, the waitress disclosed that the four were regular customers at the famous entertainment joint that is known for delicious Nyama Choma and Rhumba Music.

They used to visit the popular joint mostly on weekdays.

“I was not on duty that day but the four are regular customers especially on weekdays. 

“They were friendly customers, sometimes offering good tips like any other well-off customer. 

“There was nothing unusual about them,” she said.

The four lived large using proceeds from criminal activities that ranged from car theft to kidnappings and extortion.

They exchanged cars and women like clothes.

Their families thought that they were legit businessmen involved in car hire business.


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