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Tuesday, May 4, 2021 – Justice David Marete Njagi became the talk of the town yesterday after he demanded to be asked questions by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) panel during his interview for the position of Supreme Court Judge.

JSC commissioner Mohamed Warsame opted not to ask Marete any questions – a move that took Marete by surprise as he encouraged the commissioner to pose at least one query.

“I wish you well, I have no questions for you,” Warsame stated.

“No, no. You must ask one or two, please. You and I make this place happy, why would you want to back out?” Marete posed.

This elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans online who wondered why the commissioner chose not to ask Marete any question.

“The judiciary should not allow any commissioner to just sit in a panel and ask no question to the candidates.

“This is the reason we want scorecards of all the commissioners on each candidate…what will Warsame give to Marete this time or will he use his CJ scorecard?” read some comments online.

Marete’s humorous presentation in the interviews for the Chief Justice position earned him a nickname – the People’s Chief Justice and he has not shied away from basking in the glory of his perceived street popularity. 

“The voice of Kenyans is all over the air. It’s Marete they want. This is the man. The voice of Kenya,” he said while being interviewed for the Chief Justice position. 

The judge previously indicated that he had to be accompanied by his wife at all times due to his medical condition.

He stated that if nominated, his wife had to be compensated for her role as his aide. 


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