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By Silas Nyachwani.

There is a post by an SDA girl complaining that despite their beauty, their demeanor, their good dressing, SDA men increasingly are marrying outside the church. 

This topic was bound to come up. Someone had to.

I have dealt with SDA girls, and Maina let me tell you, if you want to graduate First Class Honours from the Institute of Character Development, try an SDA girl. I dare you. I double dare you. 

Some of the most heartbreaking stories, really, oceanfulls of tears, involve SDA girls. 

SDA girls have turned teetotaling men into worst alcoholics out here. SDA girls have turned the most religious men into atheists. SDA girls have slapped men into reality in ways that I can’t even describe. They are ruthless. They are merciless.

Soon or later, men were or are bound to know that the church or religion rarely plays a role in a woman’s character. Or anybody’s character for that matter. If anything it serves as a guise for the worst behaviour that only comes out after two children and her trying to rediscover herself in her 30s.

This is a far cry from the days when, if you married an SDA girl you were 100% that only death could render your union asunder. Not anymore. 

The once famously beautifully SDA weddings and marriages are just as troubled as any regular, secular marriage. And SDA seem plagued with an ugly picture moving on. 

I grew up an Adventist. I still profess the Adventist faith. But with a growing cynicism.

Back in the day we were taught modest, constantly reminded that our wealth and kingdom was in heaven.

Where we sought material wealth on earth, it wasn’t with the cut-throat, inhumane ways that we go about it. We just looked for enough to make our life bearable here on earth.

If you told me that in my lifetime I will see SDA church elders exchange fists in our main church in Kenya, I would have laughed so hard and died. But it happened. 

As a church we have become very materialistic. 

And that is the first stumbling block you will run into when dating an educated SDA girl from a middle-class family. She will be super hypergamous, but it is only because her has comoditized her, some fathers-in-law as upwards of Sh 3 million for bride price/dowry.

Tabia ata sitaongelea. I don’t even want to talk about the two-way SDA girls(those who party but are still religious at the same time).

As for SDA men, nitaachia any lady who has undergone character development in the hands of an SDA choirboy. 

It cuts both ways.

As for me, as we say in my mother tongue, SDA girls, mimi ninewapea tu macho.


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