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Monday, May 24, 2021 – Division has rocked Deputy President William Ruto’s hustler house following the simmering power struggle ahead of the upcoming 2022 general election.

The popularity contest among Ruto’s allies is threatening to split the Hustler Movement right in the middle.

The DP recently embarked on a people-driven manifesto with the second in command making inroads to various corners of the Country with his allies keen to take advantage of the same in creating power centers around the DP.

The power struggle has been witnessed in the recent divergence in opinions among party members especially in the fielding of candidates in the upcoming and recently concluded by-elections.

Speaking on the same, University don Professor Edward Kisiangani termed what is taking place in the hustler camp as sibling rivalry associated with any movement.

“It is not endangering the hustler nation; hustler nation is not through tribal kingpins.

“Hustler nation has direct contact with the people. Where it matters most, the people relate with the hustler nation,” Kisangani said on phone.

“Within the hustler movement there can be disagreements on how people move forward and I think it is not a feature for any one political party.”

“Sibling rivalry is in every political party and so I think there is nobody who can overplay that,” he added.

According to Kisiangani, the movement has the necessary structures and capacity to address the issues within.

“There could be some sibling rivalry within the hustler party but I think the movement has the capacity to sort it in a way that would be useful to the movement,” he stated.

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