Sunday, May 2, 2021 – Renowned Bongo singer, Harmonize alias Konde Boy, is desperately trying to move on after he broke up with Fridah Kajala- a famous Tanzanian actress.

Kajala dumped Harmonize after she discovered that he was secretly eyeing his beautiful daughter, Paula, who is a model.

When Harmonize and Kajala were dating, he was drunk in love to an extent of tattooing her name on his neck with the letter K(representing the name Kajala).

Kajala also tattooed her neck with the letter H (Harmonize) to represent her boo’s name.

Harmonize has decided to cover his ex-lover’s tattoo after they had a messy breakup that was widely discussed on social media.

He changed his ex-lover’s tattoo to ‘Konde’, his other name.

See video.


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