Wednesday, 05 May 2021 -Joan Kubai, the young lady who shot to fame after she shared a video giving Kenyans a tour of her parents’ multimillion home in Runda, has stated that she is single and trashed Kenyan men, claiming that they are not her type.

Speaking in an interview with a popular YouTuber, the 20-year-old lady said that she is not ready to enter into a relationship at the moment and any man who is claiming that he is dating her is lying.

“Kenyan men are not just my type. I’m not taken and I am not planning to be taken anytime soon. 

“Anyone who is saying we are dating they are lying. I am not interested for now. I’m not searching, “she said.

Joan is the daughter of city tycoons Peter and Isabella Kubai.

She left tongues wagging last year after she posted a video showing off their Runda home that looks like a palace.

The video caused a lot of reactions on social media and exposed the huge gap between the rich and the poor in Kenya.

Her wealthy parents are involved in shady dealings.


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