Saturday, May 1, 2021 – Kiss 100 radio presenter, Jalang’o, has opened up on his mother’s ill health.

The renowned radio presenter and comedian made the revelations on Kiss 100 breakfast show that he co-hosts with Kamene Goro.

Jalang’o was responding to questions raised by his fans on why he has not been posting his mother on social media like other celebrities.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank my mum who even right now is bedridden and is struggling so much with her health. 

“My mother has not been well for a very long time, “he said.

Jalang’o has always expressed his undying love for his mother.

He described her as the most amazing woman on earth in a past interview.

“My mum is the most amazing woman on earth. She is the best woman,” he said in a past interview.

He is currently building her a mansion that is almost complete.

Jalang’o’s father died just hours after he landed his first gig at Kiss 100 a few years ago.


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