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Friday, 14 May 2021 – Ailing Kamba singer Justina Syokau is still seeking financial help from well-wishers to offset huge medical bills that have left her penniless.

Syokau took a break from music after she fell ill in January 2021 after misdiagnosis and consequent wrong prescriptions which deteriorated her health.

“I started being sick in mid-January. When I went for a checkup, the doctor said I had pneumonia. 

“I was given medication but after four days my eyes turned yellowish, my urine also changed,” she said.

When she went for another checkup, the doctor did some tests and informed her that her liver was damaged.

“The doctor told me that my liver was damaged and requested me to return the medication I was using. They found out that I was given the wrong medication,” she added.

She was admitted to the hospital and transferred to the Intensive Care Unit after two days since her body was shutting down.

She has been visiting the hospital for checkups from time to time.

According to the singer, the wrong medication damaged her skin.

Her friends reportedly deserted her after she fell ill.

Syokau revealed that before she got sick, she was making Sh 300,000 to 500,000 per event.

She would also rake in Sh3 million in six months or Sh6 million per year from advertisements.

After falling ill, she was forced to sell all her household items to settle medical bills that left her broke.

“I am literally a beggar now. I have sold house property to try to settle the medical bill but it has been impossible for me. 

“The medical bill is huge. I have exhausted every single cent I had.

“I am seeking financial help to settle the bill,” she said.


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