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My name is Mercy and I was engaged to my boyfriend Peter whom I loved so much. Peter and I had dated for more than six years and we had both grown to love each other. I honestly had built my whole life around him and there was nothing I wanted more than him to marry me and have a happily ever after with him.

Peter was this kind of guy who was very loving and caring. He would take me out on dates and not even one day did he ever miss to tell me that he loved me. I honestly felt like I owned the world with my prince charming.

However, two months into our wedding, my man started behaving weirdly. He stopped seeing me more often and whenever I called him, he would say he was busy. The more the wedding approached, the more my fiancée drifted from me.

I started getting worried on our state of affairs since he started hinting that he did not want to marry me anymore.

One night, three weeks into our wedding, I was tired of him being silent on me and I decided to go to his place to find out why he did not want me anymore because his mistreatment was honestly depressing me.

I reached to his apartment and I knocked the door and you will never imagine who opened the door for me; his ex-girlfriend opened the door for me and she was in a booty short and in a very revealing top. I asked her what she was doing at my fiancée’s house and she told me that I should get a life since Peter did not want me anymore.

“You should probably go back to your house because Peter is now mine and he will marry me instead of you,” she screamed to my face.

I was so hurt. I demanded to see my fiancée but she refused and slammed the door to my face. I was so heartbroken. My dear husband-to-be had dumped me and our wedding plans for the sake of his ex-girlfriend whom I had known since our days in college.

I went and closed myself into my house and cried bitterly due to the disappointment. I called my sister to tell her that the wedding was cancelled since my boyfriend had picked his ex over me.

“Come on girl you do not just give up on your love just like that. You have to fight and the way to fight is by seeing Doctor Mugwenu who will get back your man and the wedding will proceed,” my sister said.

She sent me Doctor Mugwenu’s number and I called him that very night and I explained to him how my husband-to-be dumped me. He asked me to see him the next morning because he would help me get my man back after his spells.

On meeting him, he performed various spells and one of them was the get me my man back spell. He then performed another one to ensure Peter would never want any other woman but me.

In less than 24 hours of meeting the traditional herbalist, my man came to my house and went on his knees to ask for my forgiveness.

“Please forgive me my sweetheart. I was just being stupid but I am ready to marry you and enjoy the rest of life beside you,” he cried. Those words were healing to my soul and two weeks later we got married in a very colourful wedding.

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