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Sunday, 30 May 2021 – Magix Enga has given up on doing clean content after his latest song failed to garner views. 

The self-proclaimed beat king had in March announced that he will no longer produce songs for Gengetone artists or release any song that promotes immorality.

He further apologized for producing songs last year that he termed as ‘ bad content’, which largely contributed to misleading the younger generation.

 However, Enga has changed his mind after his new plan of doing clean content flopped badly.

He complained that his latest video “Stress Free” has garnered only 17,000 views, contrary to his expectations. 

Stress-Free is a feel-good song with a deep message but fans failed to support the song. 

According to the renowned music producer, Kenyans are not ready for clean content.

“I decided to go back to the old style of music I was doing before Gengetone by doing clean content, singing very nice actually on key, but in one month, my new video stress nimepata 17,000 views only,” he ranted.

Enga said that since he has to pay bills, drive a nice car, and live a celebrity lifestyle, he will be forced to dump clean content for now and go back to doing Gengetone. 

He further informed his fans that he will soon release a new Gengetone song dubbed Madiaba.

Here’s a screenshot of his post announcing his change of plan.


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