Tuesday, May 4, 2021 – High Court Judge Said Chitembwe shocked the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) yesterday during the interview for the position of Judge of the Supreme Court.

This is after he said that corruption within the Judiciary can never be eliminated.

According to him, the public perception about corruption in courts will always be there, but one can only work towards reducing it.

“I am not saying Judiciary staff will be corrupt until Jesus comes, what I am saying is that when the survey is done, it also covers perception, and what I am saying is there will not come a time that people will say 100 percent that Judiciary is not corrupt.”

“What I am saying is that there would come a time when people will have a perception that percentages will come to zero because we talking about one who lost a case, one whose file was lost and to him it is corruption,” Chitembwe responded when asked about how he will deal with corruption in the Judiciary.


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