Sunday, April 2, 2021 – Despite the tough economic times affecting most Kenyans, there is an elite group of wealthy Kenyans who are splashing millions of shillings on expensive cars that some of you see in Hollywood movies and high-budget music videos. 

According to a survey carried out last year by the Kenya Motor Vehicle Industry Association (KMI), the demand for high-end vehicles increased despite the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic that badly affected businesses.

Data from KMI that was released towards the end of last year revealed that rich Kenyans defied economic hardships to increase orders for luxury cars. 

Prices of most luxury vehicles range from Ksh 6 Million to Sh 20 Million, with a few models that are custom made crossing the Sh 30 million mark.

Some of the high-end car yards along Kiambu Road and Ngong Road are a hive of activity as wealthy Kenyans flock there to blow money on expensive vehicles, even as the majority of Kenyans struggle to make ends meet.

Here are some of the pricey guzzlers that well-to-do Kenyans have been spotted driving. 

The expensive cars range from Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, Porsche to Bentley.


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