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Thursday, May 13, 2021 – Kiharu MP, Ndindi Nyoro, on Wednesday night, claimed the Mt Kenya region will be the biggest loser if the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) passes

Appearing on Jeff Koinange Live (JKL) show, Nyoro, who is an economist, stated that there are 290 constituencies currently, each being allocated slightly above Sh 100 million Constituency Development Fund (CDF) kitty every year. 

He submitted a total of Sh 29 billion is hence allocated for all the constituencies in the country.

He said if BBI is passed, and the number of constituencies is increased by 70, from 290 to 360, they will be forced to share the 29 billion.

“People of Mt Kenya region have been taken for a ride that we are the biggest beneficiary of the 70 additional constituencies; it is not true, we are the ones who will be hit the most if BBI passes,” Nyoro said.

Nyoro also said that the allocation per constituency will reduce from Sh 100 million to Sh 80 million, which is 29 billion divided by 360.

For instance, he said Nyeri County has six constituencies and will not be getting an extra one if BBI passes. 

This, according to the youthful lawmaker, will see each of the six constituencies get Sh 80 million instead of the current Sh 100 million and this would lead to a combined loss of sh 120 million.

“Mt. Kenya region is actually losing through the BBI in terms of the aggregate constituencies and the amount that will be going to those constituencies,” he said.


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