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Tuesday, May 4, 2021 – Chokoza hitmaker, Avril, has opened up about her motherhood journey and said it’s the best thing that happened to her since it has given her purpose.

Speaking in an interview, the faded songstress, said that she was ready to be a mother but she hadn’t found the right man to sire a kid with.

However, after falling in love with renowned video producer, Jblessing, she studied his character and realized that he is a responsible man.

She planned to get a man who would help her in raising her kid and not a committed boyfriend or husband.

She didn’t want to sire a kid with a deadbeat dad like her friend Marya.

Avril further revealed that she had planned to become a mother for 5 years.

“I was very ready to be a mum. I had been ready 5 years before I became one. 

“But I never had someone stable in my life. I wanted someone stable in my life so we take care of the child together,” she said.

When asked how she is coping up with motherhood, the singer said that motherhood is a bit challenging and at the same time fulfilling.

“Pressure, and stress, you should respect mothers. When my son was a day old is when it hit me that I no longer had a say.

“It would always be about him as he now fully depends on me. 

“In the beginning, I was a walking zombie because I could not get enough sleep. 

“Even now I still survive on very little sleep as I also have to chase my dream,” she said.

“Balancing motherhood and work can be confusing and it’s easy to become depressed as one learns on the job. 

“I used to make money and did everything I wanted but now my child has given me a purpose. 

“I have become more responsible. 

“The love for him is unconditional, it’s a feeling you can’t understand,” she added.

Avril’s son is three years old.


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