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Wednesday, 26 May 2021 – Coast-based singer Nyota Ndogo has refuted claims that she is desperately begging her mzungu husband to come back home because she is just after his money. 

Since last month, the mellow-voiced singer has been using her social platforms to try and reach out to her husband who left their matrimonial home in April.

Trouble started after Nyota pranked her Danish husband on April fool’ Day that they were expecting a baby. 

He was angry since when they got married, they agreed that they won’t have babies.

Her husband left the country and went back to his motherland and he has not returned since then. 

A few days ago, the singer revealed that she had decided to leave the country to go look for her husband after he cut communication and even blocked her on IG.

When she announced this, some Kenyans started claiming that she was just after her husband’s money. 

The 40-year-old singer has gone on a ranting spree and put it clear that she works hard for her own money and so, she is not trying to woo back her mzungu husband because of his deep pockets.

According to the Watu na Viatu hitmaker, those claiming she is after her husband’s money and not love are lazybones.

“Heeeeeeeeeee wakenya jamani mimi nimeshachoka kusema najua kusaka pesa zangu kwa njia iliosawa ila uvivu wenu munaona kila mtu mvivu. 

“Lakini nani hapendi hela? Munaushenzi sana roho zenu za korosho za kuchomwa. 

“Nyooooooooo munatamani kila mtu awaombe mumseme.haya nataka hizo za mzungu Mimi simushukuru siwaombi jamani duh. Waone vile,” she wrote on her Instagram page


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