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Wednesday, May 5, 2021 – Deputy President William Ruto has pledged to implement to the letter the ‘hustlers’ manifesto to be unveiled in December.

Speaking during an interview, Ruto said he will not compromise on the implementation of his economic blueprint should he form government next year.

He expressed confidence that his promise to change Kenya will come to pass, vowing to prove wrong his critics who have dismissed his promise to empower ordinary Kenyans through his bottom-up economic model as “big talk”.

“I will work hard to implement every aspect of what I am pledging.”

“The bottom-up economy will work and must work, this I can assure Kenyans and I will be accountable to them,” Ruto stated.

His critics have questioned why he cannot propose and implement the same development agenda now, yet he is the second in command in the Jubilee administration.

However, Ruto has blamed his frustrations on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s change of leadership style soon after they were sworn in for a second term.

The DP acknowledged that many Kenyans have put their hopes on him, saying he will not let them down in the creation of jobs and refocusing the country from the Jubilee development plan, which he said has worked but not to the optimum.

“The conversation has changed, out there Kenyans are discussing issues, they yearn for real change. Were it not for politics that came with the handshake, as Jubilee government, we would have done better,” he said.

He said no part of the country will be left out as far as his development plan is concerned, noting that leaders and professionals from all the 47 counties have been invited to make proposals.

“We are having comprehensive discussions that are people-centered. It is not about tribe, religion, or your status in society, but about all of us as a country.”

“We are keen to tap into the huge reservoir of knowledge, talent, and expertise available to inform our policy process with the knowledge that is grounded in our economic reality,” he said. 


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