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In 2014 I was still living in Nairobi’s Kawangware area and on the same plot lived a middle aged woman with her daughter.

She was a nice curvy woman who, unfortunately, looked disturbed and lonely before one day I reckoned to know why she appeared broken. She opened up her story to me on how her husband abandoned her when she was seven months pregnant. Her story melted me down. I felt for her especially at the point she disclosed having used Love Spells in her efforts to restore her love life but still couldn’t work.

“I was advised by another friend of mine across the road to cast some rituals when my husband started straying out. Unfortunately on the same day I used the spell, is the same day he also stopped talking to me. Since then I have remained in loneliness”.

Juliet, according to her story, found a recipe for a love spell in a book she did not take time to research about. She carefully set up the ritual and visualized her co-worker. Unfortunately, when she was thinking of him, she was also distracted to some extend by her inner frustrations. This was her greatest undoing since this negative energy became part of the process hence the interference. Then to add salt to the injury, she cast them on the man what is against the rules in spell casting especially when it comes to love matters.

So when I visualised and looked at their agreement, it was clear he enjoyed having a lovely young lady who could be infatuated with him and that was it. Poor Carol could not read this. It became difficult to detach herself from the binding she had cast to the man who couldn’t go far with her. The spell had terribly backfired!

To understand the forces behind, these spells are cast by either ugly hags or diabolical, busty ladies shrouded in black and usually with a wand, crystal ball, or ornate ancient manuscript. Spells are the origin of witches, in both literature and history, and usually involve another person that the spell is being cast upon. Love spells are, of course, the most popular. In truth, anyone can cast a spell without being a witch, and many witches unbelievably don’t use spells at all.

A spell is simply an intention made stronger by ritual and belief. If you have a spell book—either ancient or modern—the spells will usually require objects from the natural world, different stones or plants perhaps, and a written component that details the action of the spell. Spells are most powerful when performed during certain phases of life.

Therefore just like Juliet’s case, a spell that is cast on another may be so weak or could create ripple effects. A spell that you cast on yourself for love is much more powerful and recommended.

I then spoke to the poor lady before we created a ritual together where she finally released herself from this man. I recommended what I refer to as ‘crystal healing’ to be able to attract a lover to her side. She was so relieved, and after seeing how powerful spells could be, she was convinced that these new versions would work.

I’m happy to report that in just four weeks after the ritual, Juliet was dating two men, and had “miraculously” patched up her friendship with colleague. She no longer flirted with him. This was the fastest turnaround I’d ever seen. It was a success because she never doubted the process.

Love spells can work for you if you create them for yourself and never cast them “on” someone. A psychic force can help create rituals for yourself or undo inappropriate magic that you may have produced.

For anyone who is not able to cast a spell for himself or herself, you should not worry. There are quite a number of others just like you who cannot be sure with the process that can bring sure quick results. In this case I would recommend visiting a Traditional healer.

Mugwenu Doctors, for instance, say one of their greatest attributes is distance healing: They will work together with you, but detachment is the key to success during this healing process. You must be in a quiet place and detach yourself from everything around you. This is very important because your body must connect with the healing elements.

 You can also get the help you need wherever you are through distance healing. Let distance not worry you for this can be made possible by Mugwenu’s distance healing plans.

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