Tuesday, May 4, 2021 – Keroche Heiress, Anerlisa Muigai, has taken to her Instagram stories and revealed three decisions that she has made after breaking up with her celebrity husband Ben Pol.

According to the sassy heiress, she has decided to become selfish with her finances and time, following the messy break up with Ben Pol.

She has also made up her mind to put her self-interests first at all times, following her flopped marriage.

“The Woman I Am Looking into Becoming, Is A Selfish Woman With HERSELF, her FINANCES and her TIME,” the post read.

When Anerlisa was in love with Ben Pol, she was too generous with her finances to an extent of buying him a lavish home in his home country and sponsoring his music videos.

She even left her lucrative water bottling business and went to Tanzania to live with Pol.

But despite doing all these, their marriage ended in premium tears.

Anerlisa keeps falling in love with men who use her and then dump her like toilet paper.

Most of the men that she falls in love with are just after her money.


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