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Thursday, 27 May 202 – An academician identified as Dr. Ngugi Kimonjo, has shocked Netizens after he narrated how he was almost conned by controversial prophet David Owour.

Dr. Ngugi went ahead and disclosed how Owuor fakes prophesy to brainwash his followers.

The well-educated man was almost recruited into Owuor’s cult.

This is worth reading.

Part 1.

Owuor lives in a palace. If you have no idea where the place is- please drop go Runda and look for drive 395. The sight of two fully armed policemen is what invites you to the mightiest man under the sun –

Before I get to meet the prophet, I am introduced to Bishop Ben ( can’t recall his second Kikuyu name). I am told that he is the regional overseer of the Repentance and Holiness Ministry in Central region. He welcomes me to the lounge which has got a variety of very expensive alcoholic drinks- I am sorry but pastors drink much alcohol than alcoholics do.

We exchange pleasantries and he tells me that he has been looking for me. I also don’t know him so I am pretty shocked that he has been looking for me. By the way, all this time I am very comfortable and devoid of fears and jitters- because I am under the realm of harmless men of God, and of course the last of the lineage- prophet of the most high, Owuor Daktari himself.

Thirty minutes later, I am directed to the prophets (in-house) office. I don’t think even the president has such an office, there’s gold everywhere- even the cover of his bible is coated in gold. The man of God is very happy to see me- and with his American accent, he touches my head and happily tells me ” precious son of the almighty, welcome to the kingdom”

I don’t like people who touch me, my head especially lakini huyu ni nabii watu wangu. It’s an official meeting so there are no worship songs or prayers. Then the meeting kicks in and we are only three; myself, the prophet and regional overseer.

The regional overseer begins by telling me that they have very many churches in the region and by grace- they are planting many more. He then proceeds to tell me of how volunteers have been supporting them plant churches ( there they call them altars) all over- others giving land, tents, buying vehicles for pastors etc.

They ask me where I live. I have a home in Kikuyu so I diligently respond. They are all wowed! Then the prophet mentions ” oh beautiful, we have an altar there, and we thank God”. I am just avering endless Amens with utmost humility as I am in the “kingdom”.

The overseer tells me that they have been looking for the owner of some piece of land; plot ***** in Gitaru, and that the spirit had directed them to me. They are annoyingly convincing and very serious. They asked me very many many things and support including praying for me and asking me to listen to a voice (the voice telling me to give them my land as a living sacrifice for them to plant the altar)

I will tell you how the voice came because I honestly heard it.

Part 2.

When the overseer told me that they had been directed by the spirit to me, I started smelling foul and hysterically laughed. I think they noticed and the prophet quickly interjected “… The lord is amazing and He has a supernatural act called divine connecting…” I nodded in agreement because I still had a deep conviction that I am with an integrible men of cloth who pose zero material threat on me.

After two or so minutes, the two men of God told me that they needed land to erect their Gitaru altar and that it is my land they had been directed to. They cited quite a number of reasons for their preference to my small piece of land but one distinctive reason stood out- that my land had a divine history; that in the ancient times ( like 160 years), there was significant sacrifice performed by priests of the Orthodox church.

I told them it was nice to hear that but I was not willing to sell them land at that point in time. It wasn’t in my bucket list, neither was it in my plans. They were okay with that but they asked to pray with me before I leave. I obliged. The prophet began to pray. I don’t close my eyes while praying, unless I am in my house so I was alert just in case.

The prophet would mention very high powered prayers for me. He mentioned my work place and that a promotion was forthcoming. I recall they even mentioned that specific person that I would take over from in the “promoted position” (I came to later realize that they do good background research to make their gymnastics believable). While praying, I started believing that he is indeed the last prophet (Elijah of our time)

Then all of a sudden, I heard a loud resonate, a reverberating sound like. A strong wind like but it’s not physically visible but you can tell that it’s blowing wind. My eyes still open and I now confirmed that huyu ni nabii kamili. Honestly, I had never witnessed the physical manifestation and presence of the almighty; but alas it was there.

Then I heard a hurly voice, it was that of a man saying “… Ngugi, my chosen son. Serve the lord with all that you have. I gave you the land you have for my service…” I started trembling because the heavens were in direct communication with me ( 🤣🤣). After the prayers, I told the two gentlemen that I heard a voice, and then asked them whether they heard it themselves. No they didn’t.

I told them some voice told me to serve the lord forthwith- and because of that reason- I was going to soul search my heart and think about that. In fact I told them that I would give them the piece of land as a “sacrifice” so that they will use to erect an altar. They started jumping up and down yelling “Hallelujah, you have done it yahweh”

On my way to ardi house to Initiate land transfer processes, I went to see my grandma just to let her know what was happening. She is the reason I didn’t give out my land.

My final part will address how I realized that the voice was a making of the two guys. Kumbe kuna speakers kwa office ya mchungaji, na kuna mtu upstairs alikuwa na script na microphone wireless.

Have you heard Owuor followers telling you that they are seeing sijui a red horse, I don’t know smoke rising in the skies? (Scripts)

Don’t joke this Nairobi

Part 3.

This is my final submission.

I will make it brief because I don’t like the kind of attention this story has come with. Nonetheless, we must tell people the truth that will set them free.

I think I had been brainwashed. If I wouldn’t pass by my grandmother’s place- I would be among the many intellectuals who have been bound by this very impulsive sect; the Owuorism.

When I got to my grandma’s place, I gave my gripping account and she told me to stop being so naive and foolish. By the way, I had all my titles in my small car and I was to pick Bishop Jane Ng’ang’a at Muthaiga roundabout who would act for the prophet in the land transfer transaction. When I failed to turn up, the Bishop called me more than 40 times. I picked none of her calls.

Well, I spent that entire day with maitú (grandma) and left to my place at around 6 in the evening. When I got home, I didn’t sleep. I had to come up with a scheme that would help me get a fix to the nonsense I was almost doing. I had three options; try engage the Bishop and see whether she could disclose anything; look for any of prophet’s essential workers (the cooks, gardener’s e.t.c) or report to the DCI.

The easiest route to draw the kind of information I wanted, was that of his essentials. The following day in the morning, I drove to Runda drive 395. The only way I would get access to the essentials was to get in the nabii’s place- but I didn’t have a gate pass (you cannot see him without a pass). I decided to drive there, the worst thing that could happen was me being turned away. I was ready for that embarrament bora uhai iko.

I trust my mouth, it has never let me down. I got to the place and the police officers flagged me. They asked me the obvious question of whether I had a gate pass, so I told them I did not have- But one of them remembered me because I had given them something small the last time I was there (good culture to buy these fellows lunch).

We had a brief conversation with the two gentlemen for half a minute or so before one of them asked to be excused so that they’d confirm with the house administrators whether there was a guest expected. I told him to relax for me to confirm something first. (I was trying to buy time of course to see what narrative would help me before I sell myself)

I told them that I was waiting for someone and pleaded with them to be a little bit patient for him to arrive so that we would get in the prophet’s house together. They complied. I was smartly dressed so they carried me highly- there is no way they’d suspect me for anything. In any case, I was there three days ago.

I gathered confidence and called one officer to my car. I discerningly told him everything and anything at my disposal. I told mentioned to him about my land and made him aware of the loud sound I heard. I opened up to him and requested him to tell me whether Owuor is true prophet or not- and also whether there but s anything he knew that happens inside the house.

He was very hesitant but his cheeky giggles encouraged me to inquire more. The nature of policemen is that they are quite conservative, gathering information from them is a task. I decided to extend a hand and gave him some few notes for his time although I hadn’t amassed the information I wanted. He was wowed, you know Kenyan police with kitu kidogo 🤣

After the small token, I sort of unlocked him. He told me scary stuff including but not limited to the speaker’s and wireless microphone voices guised as that of the Lord. I promised to keep them for myself but with the kind of thuggery, robbery and conmanship in that Ministry, wacha niokoe wenzangu.

Those Supreme Court wearers are dangerous than corruption.


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