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Find out How the Last 12 Months Changed Entertainment in Kenya

Online entertainment in Kenya has surged over 2020 and 2021 with country residents exploring streaming, gaming and e-learning opportunities.

Entertainment in the Past Months: What Have Kenyans Been Up To

Recent months have not been the easiest, but Kenyans have rallied and risen to the occasion, exploring new forms of entertainment that allow them to stay connected, maintain social contacts and generally overcome the challenges that the pandemic has brought on.

Regardless of hardships, Kenyans have discovered new ways to stay entertained. In fact, according to Bonuses Finder company product owner Tony Sloterman, online traffic has surged in the country, as residents have started exploring everything from Internet gaming to streaming services. For example, if you’re looking for great bonuses in Kenya, you can easily find everything you need by checking in

Demand for digital entertainment has naturally created new economic opportunities leading to new jobs and a boost to high-skilled workers, not to mention it has helped start-ups find a reason to launch innovative solutions that have enhanced the local entertainment industry. Here’s what Kenyans have been up to during the last 12 months.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and Streaming

Kenyan users of Netflix have really taken a liking to the platform and they managed to generate a 700% spike in traffic in the space of three months in 2020 alone. This trend has remained mostly intact with the company reporting higher rate of sign-ups over the period and lasting consumer conversions.

Kenyans have not just stuck to Netflix, and while Netflix was once the bastion of online streaming platforms, including HBO and Amazon prime. The demand for online streaming has been impressive and many of the country’s residents have been able to explore popular blockbusters for the first time.

Video Games and MMORPGs

Believe it or not, Kenyans did show a lot of interest in video gaming over the past 12 months. Traffic has once again surged and Kenyans found out about these massive online games for the first time during the pandemic.

Escapism from some of the real world’s problems has been a sweet relief to many of the country’s younger and older generations, making for a truly satisfactory experience. Steam Store and Epic Store reported increased sales throughout Africa, and in Kenya, which is one of the continent’s strongest economies, too.

With the majority of players now having access to brand-new networks, both 4G and 5G, Internet has not been an issue in the country and video gaming has become much more readily available, which is great news as it has translated to new interactions and opportunities

Studying Up with Internet Classes

Well, surprisingly interest in online classes has picked up during the past 12 months. Online resources such as Udemy and Coursera have been actively trying to lower their rates so that you can study up anything from 3D art to economy, to math, to writing.

In fact, there is hardly anything that hasn’t been made available at affordable rates online to Kenyans over 2020 and 2021. The raise of online study has been a positive force on the country, demonstrating how every situation can lead to a transformative experience.

What’s Next for Kenyans?

The big question is if these newly-learnt digital trends are going to remain the same over the next, say, 12 months. There will be some withdrawal, that is for sure, but ultimately, Kenyans are much more tech-savvy thanks to 2020 and the rapid adoption of better Internet infrastructures. All of this together has led to a much better economy and society.

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