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Tuesday, 25 May 2021 – Drama has engulfed the family of deceased rugby player and Coach, Benjamin Ayimba after one of his baby mamas accused his sister of disrespecting her and her two kids.

Ayimba’s baby mama, Moraa, who is an actress, went on a ranting spree and alleged that Ayimba’s sister has been insulting her kids by calling them chokoraas (street urchins).

Moraa said Ayimba’s sister simply identified as, MO, has disrespected her kids for long and now, she can’t tolerate her behaviours anymore.

 “A single woman with a child, never married has the audacity to constantly call my babies bastards and street chokoraas. A woman who was helped raise her own child unlike me who raises hers alone,” she ranted.

“I was always told to be the bigger person, to calm down, and oh understand she has kichwa mbaya…….I always kept calm, but now again calling my kids the same? Can’t she just respect even her own sibling???” Moraa added.

She warned Ayimba’s sister that she will soon pay dearly for insulting her babies.

“Hii ujinga ya Mo let her talk imefika mwisho.Ujinga ya kunitukania watoto sitakubali kabisaaaaaa.Mimi pia ni kichwa mbaya nani na sai sina akili……

 Ngalia tu hawa bastards wangu…ngalia tu vile ni warembo.

Then you expect God to just be silent and bless you,chunga sana mwanamke Mungu sio kijana na sio rika yako. 

“These insults you always give kids will eat you one day.Wale wa Mo take it easy pia nyinyi niwacheni kabisa, you don’t know, you just don’t!!!” she concluded.

Here’s a screenshot of her post.


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