Saturday, May 1, 2021 – If you walk in the streets of Nairobi, you are likely to find so many beggars seated in strategic positions- mostly on busy streets and parking lots.

They beg for money from passers-by and use innocent kids to gain sympathy from the public. 

However, most of these beggars who pretend to be disabled are notorious conmen and women.

A woman who begs in Nairobi Central Business District in the company of a child has been exposed as one of the notorious beggars who fool kind-hearted city residents.

The cunning woman, who pretends to be crippled, crawls around busy streets of Nairobi Central Business District begging for money.

A hawked-eyed journalist followed her moves and realized that she is a fake beggar.

After a day of hustling in the streets, she was picked by a car that dropped her in Kariobangi.

When she alighted from the car, she walked away smiling after a fruitful day of fooling city residents.

See photo evidence that exposes the fake beggar.

See her arriving at her home in Kariobangi.


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