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Wednesday, 26 May 2021 – Faded TV anchor, Betty Kyallo, has lost 3 Kgs after starting her fitness journey about one and a half months ago.

The single mother of one took to social media where she posted a photo flaunting her new body after losing weight and said that she is proud of the progress.

She noted that although the fitness journey is not easy, she will not give up until she achieves her body goals.

Betty further revealed that her productivity has increased after she started working out and added that these days, she doesn’t wake up feeling tired.

“This journey has taught me patience with myself, my body and overall self-love. 

“I feel so proud of myself because I feel super great these days, my skin is flawless, I don’t wake up tired, I’m energetic and happy. 

These days I make sure I sleep for at least 6hrs, drink lots of water and eat clean. I normally have some wine as I wind down my day but I make sure it’s the right kind.  

“Overall proud of myself. It’s been 1.5Months now lost 3kgs, one dress size down and I just simply feel light,” she wrote.

According to her, fitness is not about competition.

“To anyone who feels like they need to become fit just start slowly. There’s no competition. Also don’t give up keep going no matter the pace, “she added.

This is how she looks after losing 3 kgs.


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