Women, it’s okay, a child was born, if he doesn’t want to be part of that child’s life by providing the bare minimum that is food, shelter, education, and medical then don’t force him to.

Go out and deal.

And certainly don’t give him a second and a third child whether he comes bearing oreo or dangling carrots

You cannot force these brothers of Obadiah to do nothing.

I’ve seen well-salaried men fake payslips and swear shitty affidavits of means just to avoid that parental responsibility.

If he can go to that length then why bother?

You may also want to hold them to a higher standard, expect better from them but the reality is there is a reason it’s us women popping family planning pills and plans and not them.

See, it stops with us. Women. Has been and will always be.

It’s 2021, proceed with brains, with abundant caution, with diligence and not just orgasms and maneno matamu.

The burden will forever be on the woman, that reality is not about to change.

By Phanice Kwegah, Partner at Triple K Advocates LLP

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