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Tuesday, May 4, 2021 – Citizen TV was forced to issue an apology to renowned disc jockey VDJ Jones after airing a story on the 7 PM bulleting claiming that he is dead. 

VDJ Jones took to social media breathing fire and threatened to sue the giant media station for misreporting and causing panic among his friends, fans, and family members.

He called out Citizen TV reporter Gatete Njoroge who compiled the story and condemned him for the reckless reporting, adding that he was alive and kicking.

“I wish to disassociate myself from this report by Citizen TV Nipashe News. 

“I am alive and kicking. Mbona mnaniua mapema???

” I will press charges against Citizen TV and the reporter Gatete Njoroge. Confirm your news before you air,” he posted on his Instagram page.

Later on, Citizen TV anchor Trevor Ombija issued an apology to VDJ Jones on air when he was reading the 9 PM bulletin and clarified that it’s his friend DJ Mike Kay who was dead.

Half-baked reporter Gatete Njoroge confused VDJ Jones with the deceased deejay since they were very close friends.

Ombija revealed that they had reached out to VDJ Jones and apologized to him after airing an erroneous story claiming he is dead on the 7 PM bulleting.

The body of VDJ Jone’s friend DJ Mike Kay was retrieved from a river in Murang’a.


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