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Tuesday, May 18, 2021 – Here’s a post by a former pastor at Prophet Owuor’s Holiness and Repentance Church, divulging shocking details concerning his controversial church.

Cabel Mibei served in Owuor’s church for 9 years before he quit in November 2018.

Just read and beware of false prophets.

By Caleb Mibei.


I was a member of his ministry for 9 good years before I finally quit on November 2018. I was a pastor and one of the correspondents of his Jesus is Lord Radio station, in charge of all reportages in Bureti Sub County. When I joined, I thought this was the right church but along the way, I questioned certain stuff about him and his ministry until I finally said enough is enough and decided to call it quits.

1. Repentance and Holiness (R&H) is all about Owuor. We were taught that without listening to Owuor, we will not go to heaven. Owuor himself also said that God had shown him all other churches going to hell because they have refused to listen to him.

2. Owuor told us that when God usually comes to speak with him in dreams, God our Creator calls him (Owuor) “My Lord”. This is pure blasphemy!

3. Owuor once claimed that he went to heaven and anointed the feet of Jesus.

4. Owuor said that once he went to heaven and he stood at the right hand of God and God’s shoulder touched Owuor’s shoulder. Meaning that God and Owuor are equals. Nkt!

5. Owuor has always told us that he has access to the tree of life and that whenever he plans to conduct his “healing services “he goes to heaven and plucks the leaves of the tree of life. This is a pure lie because if indeed Owuor had access to the tree of life, why does he only “heal” people who are from far away places but those close to him are battling sicknesses and secretly taking medication?

6. Many families have been broken due to owuorism.

7. From 2017, we were told to stop all church projects and raise funds to build Owuor a Ksh. 350 million mansion in Runda. That mansion has eight bedrooms, separate conference facilities, an indoor heated swimming pool, an underground bunker complete with a kitchen and a parking space that can accommodate approximately 30 vehicles. Each of Owuor’s altars are given a target to raise money and Owuor’s bishops are the ones used to pressure pastors who in turn pressure the congregants to meet those targets. People have sold land, livestock, took loans, all in the name of contributing towards building Owuor a house and yet most of these people are struggling financially. 

8. Whenever the media or anybody criticised Owuor, we were forced to wear sackcloth and smear ashes on our faces then “repent” for “touching God’s anointed” lest God smite us with a curse.(This was actually pure BS and I hated it with a passion).

9. Owuor claimed he is two prophets in one.

10. Owuor lied to the whole world about Mama Rosa’s resurrection. Mama Rosa never died. She was epileptic and had succumbed to epileptic fits on that day. She had also been battling arthritis since 1996 and was therefore a very sickly old mama. (I have full details) But Owuor, in conjunction with his radio team used this vulnerable mama’s misery to advance his evil agenda.

11. We feared Owuor because he told us he is OMNIPRESENT and that he sees everyone the way God sees everyone. So we feared him a lot. I proved him wrong after we discovered that one of his favorite lead worshippers (Pastor Joyce Anene) was caught in a s3xual affair with her daughter’s fiancé and that affairs had been going on for 2 good years yet Owuor never saw it.

12. Joyce Anene (Owuor’s favorite lead worshipper) lived in Kariobangi South before being kicked out of Owuor’s ministry. Owuor paid her rent and catered for all her needs. She is a single mom. It’s reported that Owuor was severally spotted at her apartment with his bodyguard outside the door. You can guess what was going on in there.

All that I have mentioned above are facts and because of time, I’ve not been able to share everything that is not right in owuorism. Please advice your people who are still there to look for other bible believing churches and quit this church. Those who are members, time to make the right decision and stop following Owuor and any other false prophets. Learn to pray and read your Bible on your own with your family and always vet the type of church you are attending so that you don’t get caught in such a situation.


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