Saturday, 24 April 2021 – About three months ago, comedian Eric Omondi’s Italian ex-girlfriend, Chantal Grazioli, revealed that she had moved on and flaunted her boyfriend for the first time. 

Miss Chanty, as she is commonly known, is madly in love with her new boyfriend, Nicola Traldi, after parting ways with Eric Omondi about three years ago.

Chantal has gushed over her hunk boyfriend through a cute post on Instagram and elicited a lot of positive reactions.

Kenyans showered praises on Chantal for finding the perfect partner.

“If upgrade was a person,” a lady commended Chantal for upping her game after breaking up with Eric Omondi. 

“At least you got your perfect match” another lady added.

“While Eric Omondi is chasing chokoraas on wife material” another fan wrote.

Here’s the romantic photo that Omondi’s ex-girlfriend posted.

Here are some of the reactions.


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