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Thursday, April 8, 2021 – Sports Chief Administrative Secretary, Zack Kinuthia, is on the receiving end for insulting Kenyans who are questioning the Sh255 billion IMF loan to Kenya.

Kinuthia blasted Kenyans as unpatriotic and daft for their decision to petition the International Monetary Fund (IMF) not to extend loans to Kenya.

Taking on social media, the youthful Sports CAS attempted to explain his judgment saying Kenya is not the only country that has been applying for loans at the IMF and other countries.

“In bare and clear terms, it is a degenerated sense of decayed patriotism or simply alarming lack of patriotism for any Kenyan to have exposed their Country into ridicule as far as the International Monetary Fund loan facility to Kenya is concerned,” explained Kinuthia.

“In the eyes of the foreigner, you looked so stupid.”

“You earn from them the title of a black fool,” he added.

Kinuthia also explained that Kenya has by far fewer loans as compared to some wealthy and established countries.

He noted that Kenyans were embarrassing the country on the internet and went on to quote former US president Barack Obama when he made a trip to Kenya.

“When Barack Obama was in the country as President of America, he asked the opposition team then to cooperate with President Kenyatta to build the young nation.

He said and I’ll quote “To hope your country will fail is to be stupid….”

And that’s exactly my message to the people embarrassing their country on the internet.

He summed up his post urging the youths to rethink their patriotism.

The IMF recently extended a Sh255 billion loan to Kenya; a move that was highly criticized by Kenyans who suggested this amount may not be put to proper use.


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