Friday, April 9, 2021 – It has emerged that the gunman who shot dead Senior KBC journalist, Betty Barasa, made a call after killing her.

According to a police officer involved in investigations, Betty’s house help, who was hiding in one of the rooms when the thugs stormed the deceased journalist’s house on Wednesday night, overheard the killer receiving instructions on phone.

“Sisi tumetimbua(We have killed her),” the gunman reportedly said on phone after killing the journalist.

Betty was accosted by three armed men outside her gate when she arrived at her Ngong home around 8:30 pm.

The house help saw the three men when she went to open the gate and ran to safety.

She hid in one of the rooms accompanied by one of Barasa’s children.

The armed attackers spent the first five minutes looking for the house help but they did not get her.

One of the attackers forced Barasa into the bedroom where he shot her dead while his accomplices held other family members hostage in the sitting room.

They took Betty’s phones and a laptop after committing the heinous murder.

Detectives are seeking to establish who the recipient of the phone call was and why the deceased journalist was the target.


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