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Sunday, April 11, 2021 – Former Kiambu Governor, Ferdinard Waititu, has revealed why he refused to bail out his son, Brian Ndung’u after he was arrested driving while drunk.

Waititu ignored his son’s distress calls, forcing him to look for help from friends.

One of Brian’s friends bailed him out after his wealthy father gave him a cold shoulder.

Waititu revealed in an interview that his son called him over 30 times but he refused to pick his calls.

 “My boy Brian called me over 30 times and, I refused to pick his calls. I have always warned him and all my family members against drunk driving,” he said.

Waititu said that he hates drunk driving and that’s why he wanted his son to go to jail so that he can learn lessons.

 “I hate drunk driving because I have seen very promising people lose their lives to carnage because of careless drivers. 

“I could not take it that my son who I discipline is asking for Sh30,000 to pay a fine for drunk driving. 

“He ought to suffer for that. I can never do that,” he added.

Waititu further revealed that he had instructed all his family members and friends not to pick Brian’s calls because he wanted him to face the music.

“I had instructed everyone at home not to pick Brian’s calls, we knew he was in trouble for drunk driving but bailing him out was in a way supporting drunk driving. 

“We could not do that. He also tried to call my friends but, I had told them not to pick his calls. All his calls went unanswered. I wanted him to face the music,” the former Governor further said.

Waititu revealed that his son had picked a Toyota Probox belonging to one of their workers because his Toyota Mark X had broken down.

He wishes his son went to jail instead of paying the fine.

“I wish I had the powers to sentence instead of fining him. I wanted him to spend a few more days in jail,” he added.


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