Saturday, April 17, 2021 – Controversial city preacher, James Maina Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism, caused a stir on Friday night after he fired one of his employees on live TV.

Ng’ang’a was leading the Friday Night Kesha that is aired live on Sasa TV, a struggling Christian TV station that he owns when he went on a ranting spree and fired a male employee for marrying without following the right procedure.

Ng’ang’a was not happy that one of his employees, who is supposed to be a role model to others, had decided to marry a woman without following the required process.

He called out the young man who is among the staff at Sasa TV for marrying a lady without the knowledge of her parents.

The renowned preacher said a wedding is not necessary if someone cannot afford it, but meeting the girl’s parents is very important.

“Kesho asirudi kazi hapa, asifunguliwe gate, si amechukua msichana, asiingie hapa kesho. 

“Sitaki kumwona hapa. Siezi kufundisha haya mafunzo yote then ufanye mambo ya unyama, ” Ng’ang’a ranted.

He condemned come we stay marriages and advised his viewers to seek blessings from parents always so that their marriages can prosper.

Watch the session on YouTube.


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