Monday, April 12, 2021 – Renowned Bongo singer, Harmonize alias Konde Boy, has been humiliated badly after his bitter rival and former Wasafi label mate, Rayvanny, leaked intimate private chats of him seducing Paula Kajala, the daughter of his ex-girlfriend, Frida Kajala.

Harmonize and Frida fell out recently after a much-publicized affair.

Rayvanny wrote a long post calling out Harmonize for wanting to date Frida and her daughter at the same time.

He further accused him of luring Paula with private photos when he was dating her mother

Rayvanny leaked intimate texts of Harmonize begging Paula for ‘goodies’ despite being in a relationship with her mother.

“I’m so sweet you gonna like it,” one of the messages reads and assures her that their relationship will be very private.

Here’s a screenshot of Rayvanny’s long post exposing Konde Boy badly.

Here are the leaked private chats that Harmonize sent to Frida’s daughter.


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